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Devise Prix Chang. Vol. fullname
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Joue au Dice et obtiens $$$

Play Dice for btc and earn YoDice tokens after every play:
- For 1 play > 0.001 btc - you will get 10 YoDice Tokens
- For 1 play > 0.01 btc - you will get 110 YoDice Tokens
- For 1 play > 0.1 btc - you will get 1200 YoDice Tokens
- For 1 play > 1 btc - you will get 13000 YoDice Tokens
You can withdraw YoDice tokens every 10 mins. Good luck!
Date Dices Payés Montant YODICE Crédité au solde

Yanadia: mvegeta50, sorry to hear that but i m not

temp1: Go DIME ! Go ! ;)

hangthicamnhung L0: temp1, hi friend

hangthicamnhung L0: temp1, how are you

hangthicamnhung L0: Yanadia, what problem

ramsey L0: HI

Yanadia: hangthicamnhung, not me but mvegeta have trouble to login , he said

kofalex2020 L0: Hello friends

kofalex2020 L0: How are you ?

kofalex2020 L0: No answers

kofalex2020 L0: Please someone know how to disable 2FA

kofalex2020 L0: i can't acess to one of my accounts

kofalex2020 L0: Supports, are you going to listing Ordi ?

dominikherzog: kofalex2020, 2FA turn off requests currently suspended. Use your backup key. No other way to solve your issue.

cobratoontje: kofalex2020, Just use the secret key you wrote down when activates 2fa

dominikherzog: kofalex2020, no ordi,no mordi

cobratoontje: *activated...

BoastKit: kofalex2020, Support message translation: You're f.cked cause you f.cked up at the 2FA activation. You didn't write backup code. Didn't you ? Yeah, did up big time.

pigas2001 L0: hi

pigas2001 L0: any body meaning of this

cobratoontje: pigas2001, Lol

pigas2001 L0: Error It is impossible to create an investment because there is not enough reserve funds for the first payment

cobratoontje: You can't go in investbox,it's full

pigas2001 L0: cobratoontje, but its active

cobratoontje: Now you know....

cobratoontje: pigas2001, It's active for those who are in

cobratoontje: And your'e out..

pigas2001 L0: cobratoontje, and how can i invest?

cobratoontje: *you're

cobratoontje: pigas2001, If someone leaves the ib

BoastKit: pigas2001, You can't at this point. It is fully occupied already and active only for current participants till some slots will be left or new funds will be added.

pigas2001 L0: how can i inform of that?

cobratoontje: BBy checking?

pigas2001 L0: cobratoontje, what?

cobratoontje: You will not get notified

BoastKit: pigas2001, go and buy some BRAIN in BRAIN/RUR pait. They're quite cheap at the moment and there' s a slight chance it would help you as looks like you have none working at this point.

pigas2001 L0: BoastKit, thanks but i am try investing plans now

pigas2001 L0: cobratoontje, so i haveto check every second??

cobratoontje: Yes

pigas2001 L0: cobratoontje, what the hell

Rekab L0: Bonjour, comment récupérer mon portefeuille sachant que ma messagerie a été fermée ?

Rekab L0: Mon Gmail a été fermé, j'ai besoin d'aide

cobratoontje: Rekab, Just open it again........?

BoastKit: Rekab, 1) English only channel 2) Probably impossible if it comes to yobit. Try to contact Google support and try to get back your gmail back

cobratoontje: They can't even think of the simplest things themselves

BoastKit: cobratoontje, All should by BRAIN ! At least few...

dominikherzog: pigas2001, there is not enough reserve funds for the first payment

Rekab L0: BoastKit, thank you

Firecat L0: is there a place on yobit that displays the actual names of the coins? Im only seeing tickers anywhere i look

cobratoontje: Firecat, hover over your name ,then click coinsinfo...