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jagrapolite5 L1: sup mac

jagrapolite5 L1: when you stop chatting i guess you will be a big mac lol

jagrapolite5 L1: i dont i just trololol

jagrapolite5 L1: when this was fun it was :) ... now all you fucks are all super serieal and shit lol

jagrapolite5 L1: bring the old days back come ong

jagrapolite5 L1: i will lol ...

jagrapolite5 L1: oh well gimme a sec

maciocia: jagrapolite5, hahaha sorry bud

maciocia: busy working and lurking chat here abd there

maciocia: sorry for leaving

maciocia: good old days

maciocia: give us our weekly ico

maciocia: or ieo

maciocia: we want yobit tweetsa more often

maciocia: easy cash trading

maciocia: come on yobit do something!

cengiztoprak1 L1: maciocia, yes my friend EASY Coin trading should start soon

cengiztoprak1 L1: maciocia, The amount of EASY Coins in me has reached 1.2 million

Gonewithwind: cengiztoprak1, friend ,1.2 milion easy coin!! Un beleivable? How could you earn so much!?

bpool: maciocia, you really collect easy from investbox??? XD

Johnnyjiho L0: Hi guys

bpool: Gonewithwind, he is true easy hodler ;) XD

Johnnyjiho L0: How do you earn at YoBit?

Johnnyjiho L0: bpool, is any one here?

Gonewithwind: bpool, if we earn some easycash for now ,how can we earn!?

bpool: Gonewithwind, what you talking about?? dont understand you ...

bpool: Johnnyjiho, no, "any one" is there ;)

Gonewithwind: bpool, i mean there a way on yobit to earn easycash token ?

Gonewithwind: bpool, i wasnot on yobit at that time which easycash released!

bpool: Gonewithwind, only from investbox, to collect if I'm not wrong 1% daily ....

bpool: Gonewithwind, but you must to play dice once daily with easy cash....

Gonewithwind: bpool, i know ib 1%>..but i mean that when you havenot anything ,so how can you put it on your ib!?

maciocia: bpool, I just do 10 daily dice

maciocia: bpool, easycash dice

maciocia: bpool, not that much of effort

Gonewithwind: bpool, imagine i waanna to buy easycash equally 10 dollars,how can i buy easycash then put it on my ib!?

maciocia: Gonewithwind, yes

Gonewithwind: maciocia, yes means what!!?

maciocia: Gonewithwind, no

bpool: Gonewithwind, you can not, coz it's not on market at all ...

bpool: maciocia, right, but you think that will be on market at all??? coz I'm not sure about that ...

maciocia: bpool, no dont think so

maciocia: bpool, but who knows with yobit

bpool: maciocia, how long there is easy cash and investbox open .... imagine how much tokens are in ib's ;) XD

maciocia: bpool, anyway cant see any reason it will reach the market

maciocia: bpool, hehe yep

maciocia: bpool, first denomination then market

bpool: maciocia, that could have sense ;) otherwise..... only big drop and one more token.....

nottyhassan L2: Fusd pool farm draining

bpool: nottyhassan, +1 price drop too, now it's 0.18sat ....