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sntloup: Gonewithwind, I was talking about cryptopanic[dot]com

Gonewithwind: sntloup, yes ,loosiing apart of our funds on any exchanges is normal but i am going to say about panic of loosing all funds at once..

Gonewithwind: sntloup, about what had happened for ftx ...people fear to reinvest on cryptos. Becouse of this...

sntloup: Gonewithwind, you mustnt put all your funds on one single exchange

sntloup: Gonewithwind, you think it's because of that?

Gonewithwind: sntloup, the major important for cryptos dumping is for the fear of buyers to buy more ..yes i believe this

sntloup: Gonewithwind, yes but not only

sntloup: Gonewithwind, people are also afraid of a dump of ftx assets

Gonewithwind: sntloup, can we have two girlfriends at the same time?! If no ,so we shouldn,t work with two exchanges at the same time...i trust yobit enough to work just with yobit

sntloup: Gonewithwind, you like yobit very much

sntloup: Gonewithwind, you have no wallet?

Gonewithwind: sntloup, no i have notany yet becouse my funds is not so much to need a wallet ..

sntloup: Gonewithwind, if you dont want to buy one

sntloup: Gonewithwind, you can install a free one

sntloup: Gonewithwind, like electrum

Gonewithwind: sntloup, all right but yobit has wallet sectoin .maybe on future i will install one

sntloup: Gonewithwind, or tustwallet for altcoins

Gonewithwind: sntloup, however thanks for your advice ..bro

sntloup: Gonewithwind, yes but sometimes wallet are inot available

sntloup: Gonewithwind, and you need to sell them

sntloup: Gonewithwind, youre welcome

Gonewithwind: sntloup, right with you but i havenot much cryptos tosell! Equally with 53.5 $ allmy funds!

sntloup: Gonewithwind, you didnt invest much

Gonewithwind: sntloup, yes ,freind ,i didn,t invest much

sntloup: Gonewithwind, you have spent most of the airdrop it seems

sntloup: Gonewithwind, because it gave more than that

Gonewithwind: sntloup, unfortunately i lost most of my airdrops on dice game..!

Gonewithwind: sntloup, near 220$ i have lost there...!

sntloup: Gonewithwind, it's sad

sntloup: Gonewithwind, that's a large amount

sntloup: Gonewithwind, but I lost funds on dice too

Gonewithwind: sntloup, i really wasnot familiaure with that game and being greedy made me to play much but now i know that well and just playing with low amount

sntloup: Gonewithwind, nice to hear that

sntloup: Gonewithwind, it's good to correct his mistakes

Gonewithwind: sntloup, yes , may yobit have another airdrop soon?!

sntloup: Gonewithwind, you think?

sntloup: Gonewithwind, this one is already finished?

Gonewithwind: sntloup, iam not sure becouse just 8 months ago i entered on yobit and don,t know abour yobit airdrops well ..

sntloup: Gonewithwind, you have tasks approved?

Gonewithwind: sntloup, fusd airdrop seems tobe finished ,if you noticed most of paticipants are not done their tasks ...

sntloup: Gonewithwind, they dont do so often

Gonewithwind: sntloup, yes they approved my tasks

sntloup: Gonewithwind, recently?

sntloup: Gonewithwind, i havent new ones approved since many weeks I think

Gonewithwind: sntloup, last one came back to one month ago ,i think ,i amnot sure for the exact time

Bombaholic: scamer try log in on my paypal account.. ur ip is send over to fedpol by paypal

sntloup: Gonewithwind, so not any since the tab disappeared

Gonewithwind: sntloup, i have to go ...bro..wishing you the best profit with success..bye ,freind

sntloup: Gonewithwind, I must leave too

sntloup: Gonewithwind, bye bro have a nice day and good luck